This month, I spent three days at the annual The Celebrant Society conference. I was spending time with and learning from 200 phenomenal celebrants, who are all super invested in creating the best ceremonies possible. I came home with so much – a brain buzzing with ideas, a heart full of love for all the new people I’d met, and a pretty cosy TCS branded hoodie that I’m never taking off.

Beyond the recent conference, TCS is an association that has done amazing things for my celebrant life. It has changed the way I do business in so many ways for the better. But why should you care that I’m a member? Here’s how you benefit….

It has my back in case of emergency

No celebrant ever wants to cancel on a wedding at the last minute – but we’re only human. Sometimes we get sick and we lose our voices, sometimes weather disrupts our travel plans and we can’t make it to a ceremony in time, and sometimes our families have emergencies that we need to attend to. These are not common scenarios, but it’s one reason I invest so much time and energy creating my own network of celebrants. I’d jump to help any one of them if they couldn’t do a wedding, and it comforts me to know so many of them would do the same for me and my couples.

It lets learn from other celebrants’ mistakes (and successes)

When you finish your celebrant course and your registration is approved, you get to start making marriages, which is awesome! What’s not so awesome is all the things that two weeks in the classroom and even six months of online learning can’t teach you. The kind of lessons you learn on the job – by conducting ceremonies and watching how other celebrants do it. As a member of an association that’s so open to sharing, I’ve had the benefit of learning from hundreds of the most devoted, experienced celebrants, who give advice about things that work for them, and are honest about things that don’t. Listening to them and learning from them has improved the way I celebrant, and has saved me from making a lot of rookie errors that I never would have thought of.

It’s a goldmine for ideas and inspiration

My ceremonies are so much better because of the ideas and inspo that flows through The Celebrant Society every day. When someone gets writer’s block and they can’t think of the right words, there are colleagues who can help them script up a masterpiece. When someone wants to know how to do something better, there’s an army of celebrants who are ready to give advice. And just when I think I’m doing things pretty damn well, they are unique and special celebrants challenging me to take it up a notch. I get a lot out of being a member of The Celebrant Society, but so do my couples.

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