A celebrant is basically a wedding third wheel. It’s just you two lovebirds, saying lovely things to each other… and me.

Alice Harrington Sydney wedding celebrant about

So, when it comes to your ceremony, I want you to feel like you’re getting married in the company of a friend.

(A really organised, confident and legally-registered-to-officiate-marriages friend.)

I want to get to know you (from the important stuff, like how you fell in love, to the really important stuff, like, what’s your favourite Arnott’s Assorted Cream?). So that, when you make the biggest commitment of your life, you do it with a ceremony that really reflects who you are as a couple.

As much as I enjoy Champagne and cake-fuelled parties and busting out The Nutbush on a packed dancefloor, that’s not why I fell in love with weddings. And it’s not why I decided to become a celebrant.

Whether you choose to tie the knot with a short, traditional ceremony or you want to break all the rules (but not the legal ones, you rebels!), I’ll bring my wealth of knowledge, my writing and speaking skills, and my super-friendly personality to make the ceremony planning process fun and fuss-free.

I’ve been working as a writer for more than a decade (I’ve also watched an unhealthy number of Rachel McAdams romcoms), so it made sense to me to combine my way with words with my love of love stories. I’ve been lucky enough to watch some of the greatest romantic tales play out in my own life – my parents and my grandparents have shown me how incredible marriage can be; how it can be strong, how it can be love-filled and how it can truly last a lifetime.

And all that starts with the words you choose to say on your wedding day.