Let's get hitched!

So, you've found someone you like a whole lot and you've decided to get married? Congrats! Whether it's your first time down the aisle or you've been here before, here's how it works with me as your celebrant...

1. Get to know each other.

You've emailed me and I've got a free spot in my calendar – winner! Now let's set up a commitment-free meeting to chat about what you want out of your wedding ceremony and whether I'm the right celebrant to make it happen.

2. Confirm your booking.

Once you've decided I'm 'The One' (great choice, btw), I'll get you to complete my booking form and pay a booking fee to secure your date. I'll then send you an ebook, chock-full of ideas, suggestions and scripting samples so we can start planning.

3. Create a custom ceremony.

After you've had time to read the ebook, we'll schedule a second meeting where we can go over the finer details of your ceremony. We'll also sign the Notice of Intended Marriage, which needs to be lodged a month before your wedding.

4. It's rehearsal time!

The perfect opportunity to iron out any crinkles in the running of the ceremony, a final meeting works best when it's just the three of us. We'll meet up in the weeks leading up to the wedding to walk through key parts of the day. Onsite rehearsals can be arranged at an additional cost, pending availability. I'll also send you the final script three weeks before and you'll have more than enough time to make any changes.

5. Do the big day your way.

On the day, I'll be there at least half an hour before the ceremony to make sure everything is set up and everyone involved knows what they are doing. My top-notch PA system will ensure your music and vows are audible, so no-one misses an 'I do'.

6. Finalise the paperwork.

While you're jetting off to a white sand beach for your honeymoon, I'll be dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on the forms to legally register your marriage – I can even help you request an official certificate, which you'll need if you want to change your name.

  • Full-service
  • $ 950
    • One initial chat and two face-to-face meetings, including rehearsal (if required)
    • Unlimited phone and email contact – I’m always here to help!
    • 50-page ebook, full of ceremony ideas and scripting samples
    • A totally bespoke ceremony script
    • Use of professional PA system, which also plays music
    • Completion and lodgement of all paperwork with BDM
    • Travel fees may apply, depending on ceremony location:
      – $25 parking contribution for Sydney CBD
      – $275 for ceremonies in Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains and Shoalhaven
      – $145 for ceremonies in the Southern Highlands
      – $100 applies for ceremonies in out of Sydney metro locations (Wollongong, lower Central Coast, Camden etc.)
  • Legals only
  • $ 400
    • One face-to-face meeting to lodge NOIM
    • Short legal ceremony, no more than two witnesses
    • Completion and lodgement of all paperwork with BDM
    • Travel within 20km of Sutherland, NSW (further distances may incur an additional charge)

You might be wondering…

I like to think I’m a triple threat: I’m a writer by trade so I know how to have fun with words, I’m a natural communicator (I’ve loved a chat since I was two years old) and I’m super organised (nothing gets me excited like ticking off a checklist!). I’m also pretty good at picking a cheap bottle of wine based on the attractiveness of the label, but that’s a skill that can’t be taught…

You email me with your date and, if I’m available, we put a Zoom meeting in the diary. This is a commitment-free, pants-optional chat to get to know each other better and go over my services in more detail. There’s no pressure to decide on the spot – I’ll give you time to mull it over, and if you decide you want to confirm, I’ll email you the link for my booking form. Simples!

Absolutely! I actually encourage all my couples to write personal vows – it’s a beautiful way of making your ceremony even more meaningful and true to you. And if you’re worried that you’re not Hemingway, don’t be. I’ll be there to help you find the right words to make your other half all glassy-eyed. I’ll even present your vows on beautiful stationery for you to read on the day.

I’m happy to travel for destination weddings, interstate or overseas – but note that some ceremonies may incur additional travel fees, to cover my expenses. Different destinations may vary, but the following fees apply:

– $25 parking contribution for Sydney CBD
– $275 for ceremonies in Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains and Shoalhaven
– $145 for ceremonies in the Southern Highlands
– $100 applies for ceremonies in out of Sydney metro locations (Wollongong, lower Central Coast, Camden etc.)

I generally meet with couples three times in the lead-up to their ceremony – once for our initial getting-to-know-you Zoom chat, again to plan the details of your ceremony and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage, and finally for the final run-through or rehearsal, to tie up any loose ends and sign the Declaration of No Legal Impediment. I’m also available for unlimited phone or email contact. (Except when MAFS is on.)

My full-service fee is $950, which includes three meetings, unlimited phone and email contact, my 50-page ebook, a totally bespoke ceremony script, my attendance at the ceremony at least 30 minutes prior, and use of my professional PA system. My fees are reflective of the time I put into custom-designing your ceremony – planning, liaising with you, writing and co-ordinating all the tiny details that come together to ensure a well-run event.

If you want a no-frills, legals-only ceremony, this can be done from $400.

After you’ve said your vows and signed the certificates, I’ll stick around for up to 30 minutes, before I casually fade out the music and grab a canapé for the road.

You’ll find all my friendors (friends and fellow vendors) right here!

You betcha! If you want a short, simple legals only ceremony, this can be done from $400. Email me if you’d like more information about this.

One of the side benefits to being a raging shopaholic is that I’ve got options! I’ll ask about your bridal party and florals, so I can choose an outfit that complements your wedding style. I even wrote a post about it on the blog!