It’s December: The official month of candy canes, twinkle lights, too much Champagne and cheesy Christmas movies that (sometimes surprisingly) can teach us a thing or two about love. So, if the festive season has you feeling all the heartfelt feels, please enjoy my definitive ranking of the best lovestruck couples in our favourite holiday films…

1. David and Natalie in ‘Love Actually’

Totally get it, dating at work can be tricky – especially if you’re the English Prime Minister. But you know what can be even trickier? Spending weeks trying to push aside an obvious attraction and eventually going door-to-door down the dodgy end of Wandsworth, searching for your office crush. The lesson here, folks, is: If there’s a spark, don’t ignore it.

2. Dorey and Bryan in ‘A Miracle on 34th Street’

Sometimes true love needs a little help… Dorey is a power events director for Coles and a busy single mum – she doesn’t have time to cook turkeys, and she definitely doesn’t have time to pause and see the very handsome long-term potential of Dylan McDermott in her apartment. Lucky she gets a little push from her adorable six-year-old and a senior citizen who goes by the name Kris Kringle, and whaddaya know!

3. Bridget and Mark in ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’

There’s definitely a lesson in here about not judging a man by his hideous reindeer jumper. (And probably another one about not drinking to excess while you’re alone in your apartment listening to Celine Dion.) But the biggest thing you can take from Bridget and Mark is that you should not settle for anything less than someone who likes you very much, just as you are.

4. Meredith and Ben in ‘The Family Stone’

“You know what would be the most perfect thing now? If we could figure out how to get a little pot.” They don’t call it the silly season for nothing – it turns out, a few beers at a dingey pub might be enough to make you warm to your boyfriend’s weed-smoking, sweatpants-wearing brother, and realise you’re with the wrong guy. Drink carefully.

5. Howard and Liz in ‘Jingle All The Way’

At first we’re all like, HOWARD, YOU HAD ONE JOB. Liz did loads of holiday prep and all you had to do was pick up the Turbo-Man toy. But watching this workaholic dad go to insane lengths to secure an action figure for his son, it’s pretty clear that he’s just doing whatever it takes to please his wife and young son at Christmastime – because family is everything. (Ted and his thermos of eggnog never stood a chance.)

6. Brad and Kate in ‘Four Holidays’

Snorkelling in Fiji for Christmas sounds awesome, but you know what’s also awesome? Connecting with your loved ones over some spray cheese and a game of Taboo. Okay, so Brad and Kate’s day of family Christmases doesn’t go super smoothly, but in the end they do realise that the family they’ve created with each other isn’t something they want to lose.

7. Graham and Amanda in ‘The Holiday’

Be optimistic! Don’t dismiss love because you think it won’t last. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and let your emotions show. (You can even cry if you like – Graham does.) And definitely don’t write off a guy with a name like Graham because he could look like Jude freaking Law.

8. Kate and Derek in ‘Holiday In The Wild’

The moral of this story: If your husband asks you for a divorce, you should 100% book a trip to Africa, because shirtless Rob Lowe and baby elephants are probably waiting for you. Also, a second shot at love in your mid-50s is totally possible when you look this good.

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