It might surprise you to know that making solid fashion choices was not something we learned about in celebrant school (there was way more focus on getting the legalities of the marriage right than choosing the perfect dress to go with a rustic beach wedding theme), but it is definitely something I give a lot of thought to in the lead-up to a couple’s big day.

The goal: to perfectly complement without being too extra or too matchy. Okay, so it’s not exactly rocket science, but there are four main things I take into account when I’m deciding what to wear to your wedding, and I get a little help from my couples to get it bang-on…

1. The location

Is the wedding on a farm, with rolling green hills and a rustic barn? Is it a shoes-off sandy beach affair? Is it a traditional ceremony set in a beautiful chapel? The backdrop will definitely influence what I wear, and if I haven’t been to the venue before, I’ll always give it a good Insta-stalk so I can nail the vibe. But thinking about the location doesn’t just help with aesthetics, it’s also key for practicality. (Stiletto heels + sandy beach = it’s a no from me.)

2. The dress code

What have you asked your guests to wear? I don’t usually get a wedding invite, which means I miss the memo on the dress code – so, I’ll often ask my couples what they’ve stipulated for their guests. If everyone’s frocking up in white tie, I don’t want to be the only one in smart casual.

3. The weather

I’m not just talking about rocking long sleeves on a 6°C day (although definitely yes to that in the Southern Highlands in winter), I’m talking about being prepared for any forecast – that means sensible hemlines (read: nothing floaty that’s going to result in a Marilyn Monroe moment if the wind picks up), earrings that won’t jangle into the microphone and a hairstyle that will stay in place!

4. The theme/colours

Maybe you have a very specific theme (I’m thinking wild dreamy bohemian nights with a hint of summer romance…) or maybe you just have a colour palette that you’re working for your florals and your wedding party. Let me know what that is and I when I show up looking like part of the picture, you’ll know it wasn’t just a happy accident.

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