I'm Alice – a writer, marketer and creator of content.

If you’re looking for someone who has a snappy way with words, awesome content creation and business branding skills, and an uncanny ability to spot a typo at 20 paces – you found me!

I’ve been creating exciting content in publishing and business for more than 15 years. If you enjoy newspapers and magazines, you’ve probably read my words in The Daily Telegraph‘s Sunday magazine, Madison, Shop Til You Drop, FAMOUS and Women’s Fitness.

I’ve also worked as the Head of Content at Australia’s leading online curated marketplace, hardtofind.com.au; as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Three Blue Ducks restaurant group; and currently, as the Gro-To Brand Manager at Go-To Skin Care.

So, how can my skills help you?

Well, in quite a few ways, actually… If you need print or digital content, I’m a gun at writing features, doing interviews and creating engaging material for magazines or websites. I have experience managing social media accounts and know how to produce shareable content that makes people click. My keen eye comes in very handy for proofreading and editing features, ebooks and website copy. I can also work with you to help you improve your business branding through words.


A unique voice is key to a really strong brand. My adaptable tone and style allows me to speak to varied customer bases and boost the brand power of businesses.


Whether it's a fresh email marketing concept or the idea for a viral video, I'm constantly coming up with new ways to produce engaging, shareable content.


Having spent more than 10 years writing for high-circulation magazines and creative Aussie businesses, I'm passionate about the power of words.


I know what makes people click! With skills in digital content creation, social media and analytics, I know how to boost engagement and capture growing audiences online.

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If you’d like to find out more about my services, get in touch using the form, call me on +61 403 939 521 or shoot me an email at hello@aliceharrington.com.au